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Managing Kamelet event sources with kn

5 minute read

The latest community version of the Knative client v0.26 includes a new kn plugin for managing Kamelets as Knative event sources (GitHub: knative-sandbox/kam...

Introducing YAKS

6 minute read

YAKS is Cloud-Native BDD testing or simply “Yet Another Kubernetes Service”.

YAY! Citrus 3.0 is coming

16 minute read

YAY, we have started to work on Citrus 3.0! Yesterday we have released a first milestone 3.0.0-M1. This is a big step in the Citrus project!

Arquillian & Citrus in combination - Part 2

5 minute read

Some time has passed since part one of this blog post series and we have made some improvements on the Citrus Arquillian extension. So we can look forward to...

Arquillian & Citrus in combination - Part 1

6 minute read

Citrus and Arquillian both refer to themselves as integration test frameworks. Following from that you might think these frameworks somehow ship the same pac...